Freaking out about court tomorrow (or rather today since it is 4 AM)

I really want to go, but I’m nervous as hell to talk in front of people. I want to go, but I don’t. Part of me really thinks it’s something that I need to do, but another part is just afraid I’m going to freak out and break down in a court room full of people I don’t know. When I told Zakk I was going, he said he didn’t think I should but he’d skip class to go with me. I told him not to bother, he doesn’t need to be missing any more class (he missed a lot when we were in the hospital) especially during his last week.

I think I might bail. I don’t know.

Posted on December 14th at 4:01 AM
Tagged as: adoption. birth mom. court. court hearing. finalized. IDK IM NERVOUS U GUIISE. IDK WHAT TO DO.
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